Why We Love The Piano (And Why We Write About It)

The piano is considered the King of all musical instruments. None of the others has ever had more impact on western music. In this post, we’ll try and explain why we fell in love with the sound of the piano and how we decided to create several pages on our website about different pianists, techniques, and even some models that are highly appreciated nowadays.

So, what makes the piano so special?

The Sound

Capable of sounding effervescent and fleeting in one instant and quite powerful at another moment, there are few instruments that have even come close to the range of the piano. We mean that both in terms of the dynamics of the sound, but also in terms of its done. The piano is considered the musical instrument that’s the most similar to the human voice. It’s pretty difficult not to feel moved when listening to a work of art such as one of Chopin’s Nocturnes.

Even if you decide to go for a digital piano, the experience will be amazing.

The Looks

We won’t say that other instruments don’t look elegant, but we think that we can agree on one thing — pianos are very elegant. They are classy and raise the status of any chamber you might be located in. Their black and shiny silhouette (and we’re referring to concert grand pianos, here) is quite iconic. Naturally, these days, there are pianos that come with an ornate case, but almost every grand piano is aesthetically pleasing.

The Health Benefits

Many studies suggest that playing the piano is good for the overall functionality of the body and for the functionality of the brain. Playing music in general actually stimulates more of your brain than any other activity you might ever be engaged in. Playing an instrument (and the piano, in particular) is possibly one of the best mental releases you can capitalize on, and it also helps with regulating your body functions.

The Education

It is often said that, if you learn to play the piano, you can then easily learn to play other musical instruments. Many musicians will agree with this statement. Learning the piano is the best way to learn music theory and study music. With the exception of percussive pitch instruments, like the marimba and vibraphone, the piano is the only instrument where you look right at the notes as you are playing. Even the guitar isn’t as ‘scholastic’. The notes are there for you to see in a very clear (and clean) black and white color scheme, which means that it’s so much easier for you to see what you are doing.

The Entertainment

On the one hand, if you have a piano in your home and you’d like to entertain some of your friends one evening, there’s nothing stopping you from doing just that — if you know how to play. On the other, the truth is that playing the piano is an actual joy. It’s true that technology dominates society nowadays, but in all honesty, some keyboard pianos are at least capable of simulating the sounds that a grand piano can make. This is also a great gift idea if you’re looking for the best piano for kids.

We started looking into some of the most critically acclaimed pianos and keyboard pianos ever made and soon went on to research pianists, their education, and a lot of other interesting things. We also analyzed the brands that make weighted keyboards now and their history. This is a very fascinating topic that we will continue to address in many of our future posts.


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